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reboard technique for special shapes

A friend of mine is a beginning sea kayaker. She's fairly short & buxom, and currently has about average upper body strength.

In a rental boat & rental PFD, she has difficulty re-boarding after wet exit (either assisted or paddle-float). The combination of short arms, full figure, and PFD makes it hard to haul herself up on the back deck.

I've read about slings attached to paddles. I've tried the technique (though not yet with her) where the victim starts between her kayak & the rescuer's, hooks legs & elbows over the boat on either side, then hoists herself up lying on her back.

Any other tricks, tips, or toys that you can recommend? Eventually she'll learn to roll and, probably sooner, re-entry & paddle float roll. But she'll still need to have some backup options for wet exit & reboard.

Thanks in advance for any advice or ideas.