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To whom are we speaking?

One of the positive points about life on the internet is that otherwise shy folks can anonymously put in their two cents worth and be heard...very democratic. This really fosters input, discussion and allows for getting specific questions (possibly otherwise unasked) answered. One downside is that it is difficult to weigh the value of advice given without knowing more about the source.

For readers who regularly visit this BBS, a composite image can be formed of regular contributors. Who has good judgement (Capt. Murray)? Who is experienced (Brianne-25 years of paddling)? Who lives near me (Woody)? Who paddles a kayak like mine (FBC)?

This composite image is invaluable to me. I would also value a statement by you, about you regarding you as a paddler. If nothing else than to put a face to a name.

Let me propose that contributors utilize the USER PROFILE utility on the BBS. Take a moment and tell everyone about yourself: where you live (generally), where you paddle, boats you own, or anything you care to share. I have found that we tend to share this information anyway while trying to make a point or trying to be persuasive.

I promise not to be surprised to hear that: 1) it is none of my business who you are 2) you can't assess a persons abilities looking at a web posting 3) ...something else negative...

I also promise to add a profile if you do.

p.s. Hat's off to Brianne, Jed, Roger and Shawn for already doing just this.

Mike (not Murray) Hamilton