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Calling all racers

I just paddled in the american lake classic -- a 5.5 mile flatwater race for
all human powered craft. It was great fun.

I just thought I'd write to this group and let you all know -- If you live
in the puget sound area and are interested in racing kayaks, the sound rowers
has a great series of races each year. You can see the race schedule on their
web site


They have divisions based on the type of boat you use --- so you can race
even if you don't have a fancy racing boat (I race with a Seda Glider in the
fast Sea Kayak division).

The races take place on lakes and in the sound and range in length from around
5 miles to 20 mile marathon's. The people that participate in the races are
great. Its a very supportive group.

Its also a great way to work on your forward stroke. Some of the best kayak
racers in the country show up at these races. For example, Greg Barton -- the
most succesful kayak racer in U.S. history -- shows up at some of the races. I've learned a lot from watching him blast by during the races (and its truely
amazing to see how fast he can go).

If any of you decide to give it a try, let me know. It would be cool to meet
some of you face-to-face at one of the races.


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