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1st time buying a kayak

Can anyone help me decide on what kayaks to buy. I'm very excited, but am new to this.

I'm looking to buy 2 kayaks--one for me and one a friend can use. Mine would be in the $500-700 range and should have a hatch and rigging for storing items. The other one $300-$450 range. Most paddling will be done in creeks, the Susquehanna River (which is has a fast current and is wide, but is relatively shallow--not sure what class of river it is), and in bays. I don't plan to take it white water or in the ocean. I would like a narrower boat since I am and most my friends are female. I have heard the longer, the beter the kayak so I'm looking at 12' or longer for mine.

I'm inexeprienced--only paddled 4x in my life and I have not taken a class yet, but I plan to next month.

Of course, I plan to try them out before I buy. I just don't know what is a good brand, or model for the money.

I'm looking at Perception and Old Town, but have heard good things about Walden and like the looks of Dagger's kayaks. Anyone have feedback on buying or any of the following models I am looking at:

Perception Arcadia
Old Town Castaway
Old Town Sebago
Old Town Loon 138
Walden Vista
Walden Sunapee
Dagger Blackwater
Dagger Cypress
Dagger Bayou

Thanks I appreciate your feedback!!

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