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Great PFD Deal! *Pic*

This last week I was at REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated) looking for PFDs and found one that fit me pretty good. Im not an easy fit at 65 190lb. The PFD was a Extrasport Seaker and was last years model. No price tag. Customer service looked up the price and found the PFD to be on sale. Regular $ 105 on sale for $ 75. So I bought one. Havent been out on the water with it yet, but I think it will be a good performer. There are lots of places to hook things.
So today Im surfing the web and see that theres a whole bunch of different sizes and colors of this PFD for sale. BTW mines kind of a lemony tangerine color like the picture below. The shoulder straps are somehow sleaved and cross each other in an "X" pattern across the upper back. Reflective tape front and back. Hydration bag attachments on back. 2 tie on squares, 2 "D" rings 2 zippered mesh bottom pockets and 2 stuff holes on the front.
Just thought Id get the word out on what I think is a good deal.