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Seaisle nj put-in/take-out/docklanding

How are you folks doing?

I've gotten my feet wet for this season my boat is now out of storage, (I've done 2 wind effected lake paddles, soooon to be ready for bay trips again!) but I'm looking for info on stuff for later in the summer when I'm in better shape.

I've got friends in that have friends in Seaisle who are renting houses. I would love to put in at Corson Inlet (thanks Tequilla) spend the day paddling to Seaisle, spend the night and party a little and be driven back to the inlet (at least early in the season)

I have soft removeable roof racks that can be mounted to almost any vehicle, I would be willing to paddle a few extra miles for a nice soft bayside landing and have someone pick my sorry ass up than deal with a high dock landing.

But I'm looking for bayside put-in or take-out points around the Seaisle area to start or end my trip with and have someone meet me/or another yaker at.

My big problem right now, my one friend has a place on the bayside around the mid 30 somethings (You know the ones with the docks) I've never exited in this dock scenario, and to tell you the truth It Scares the HELL out of me.

If someone is willing to give some instruction to a newbie on how to exit to a dock (no liability on their part, I'm willing to take any and all risks to learn this exit, and I am willing to get wet learning this exit) please post a responce. (in exchange I'll buy dinner, beer or what-have-you and I'll gain a paddling partner for life! I will be posting this to other paddling clubs in the area and maybe we can bring a lot of people together! I know I'm not the only one to have these Goals (especialy the dock exit)

We'll Talk soon

thanks again

If anyone has info please email me @ starrbeer@altavist.com

thanks a million

I would love to say I check all the east coast sites, but I don't, so for the rest of the people who stumble across this post please post your response to this site as well as to my e-mail. If a few of us are better paddlers now, many more will follow via the internet

thanks again