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Line that compression sack!

Ok, I'll bite - if you line a compression sack with a trash bag, at what point do you close it? If you close it before compressing, then you'll rupture the bag. If you wait till after you compress the bag, then you have to loosen the straps to seal it (and let air in),

And what is the best way to seal the trash bag?

Off the top of my head, here is what I'm thinking (but I've yet to try it):

Put the trash bag inside the compression sack - maybe the heavy duty type used for trash compactors. Stuff the sack and cinch it. Leave the top of the trash bag sticking out to the side as it is compressed, and then tie the end of the trash bag with a shoe string or small cord on the outside of the compression sack. How close is this to a workable solution?


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Line that compression sack!
get the air out first