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First roll of a sea kayak :D

Well, I finally rolled a sea kayak for the first time last night. I'd made several attempts before but couldn't ever get one around. I'd been practicing in a WW kayak, and took a class on tuesday. I went to the pool last night and found that I was hitting my roll about 75% of the time. If I missed, I'd just set upand try again. I'll continue to work on it, both in the pool and out in the sound. The pool is just a few blocks from my house, and is open for kayaks two nights a week. I am hoing to go to the pool at least once a week and to practice my roll on most every paddling trip. We'll see. It sure did feel good to have that long (17'8") 'yak come around, with my skinny Greenland stick. Especially after practicing in a tiny WW kayak with a powerful WW paddle. I was doing a standard screw roll. I did choke up about 2-3" some of the time, to get a little more leverage. I also will try some extended paddle rolls. I don't have the left side down at all yet, but will work on it.