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: The paddle I made is ceder and 70 inches long. I used the plans by Chuck
: Holst, and used the recommended method to decided the length. I have used
: the paddle several times and like the feel of it very much, but I have a
: problem with the paddle hitting the deck with each stroke (especially when
: I am getting tired). The kayak I use is quite wide and rides high in the
: water (Prijon Kodiak)

I am not an expert on Greenland style kayaking. I have taken some classes on it at Symposia and tried Greenland style paddles on my Kodiak. From your message, your paddle is about 177 cm. It probably should probably be around 215-220 cm. for use in the Kodiak. I would think you have built something closer to a storm paddle where the loom is very short.

I took a look at Gail Ferris' Greenland paddle designs and they all came in at around the range of 215-225 cm. Anyway... that's my feeling based on the fact that the Kodiak does ride very high. If you are short in stature, you may want to make the paddle even longer to avoid hitting the hull. i have provided a link to Gail's article.

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