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: In order to use a 70" paddle effectively, you have to use a sliding
: stroke. This is generally only done under extreme conditions (hence the
: name "storm paddle"). I suggest that you make another one in the
: range of 84"-90". Depending on your shoulder width, the loom
: should be in the range of 18"-21". Holst's instructions explain
: how to determine the proper width.


The short length of your paddle did not register to me when I first read your message, and my earlier response was geared toward using a Greenland paddle with a wide, high volume kayak.

How did you measure the length for your paddle? How long is the paddle shaft? To determine length I use an armspan plus a cubit (distance from elbow to fingertips), which happens to be the same for me as just being able to curl my fingers over the end of the paddle with it standing next to me.

Greg Stamer

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