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I feel really dumb
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: Terry,

: The short length of your paddle did not register to me when I first read your
: message, and my earlier response was geared toward using a Greenland
: paddle with a wide, high volume kayak.

: How did you measure the length for your paddle? How long is the paddle shaft?
: To determine length I use an armspan plus a cubit (distance from elbow to
: fingertips), which happens to be the same for me as just being able to
: curl my fingers over the end of the paddle with it standing next to me.

: Greg Stamer
After I read your posts, which made may paddle sound really short, I re-measured my paddle. Apparently my brain got tangled between the shop and the computer. My paddle is in fact 90 inches not 70. Ninty inches equals an arm span plus a cubit. The loom is 16 inches. The width of my kayak is 24 inches. I am going to try making the loom wider and see if I can get coordinated enough to use the sliding stroke, and see what that does. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the bad infomation.


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