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Re: It's all about territory
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Murray, There are indeed many types of kayaks and kayakers that now find their way into the surf zone- from sea kayakers practicing launching and landing to river boaters doing tricks to surf specific kayaks designed for wave riding. Obviously the design of the craft will dictate how it interacts with the waves.

I disagree, however, that only a beginner or someone in a poorly designed surf kayak would ride a wave directly into shore. Many river boats (Spike's Gliss, as a perfect example) are great surf boats capable of fantastic spins and dozens of tricks. Can they ride a wave laterally? Sort of, but that's not their strong suit. I'm not sure if you intended to belittle this type of surfing, but I for one, find it exhilerating. It does, however, make following the rules of surf etiquette more difficult due to the conflicting paths of surfers and kayakers.

You also seem to imply that a kayaker will only have confrontations with surfers if they break the rules of surf etiquette. I have yet to have a confrontation with a surfer on the water regarding right-of-way but I have encountered several who want to do me damage simply for driving into the parking lot at the beach with a kayak on my car.

Are some kayakers in the surf clueless? You bet. Does that warrant misdemeanors and other law-breaking activity directed against kayakers? I hope not, but it sure seems to me that a number of surfers feel that way. Good luck with your efforts to improve knowlegde of surf etiquette, it's certainly a step in the right direction but I don't think this will be the sole solution to the problem. I will continue to argue that this conflict has more to do with defending territory than surfer's rules.