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Re: It's all about territory
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:Here's the rub...A surfer takes off
: on a peak (highest and steepest point on a wave -- closest to the breaking
: peak) and starts firing down the line working the face, lip, and pile.
: Suddenly he or she is faced with a kayaker or other board surfer who took
: off way early on the same wave and is front surfing straight to shore. Not
: only has this person violated the basic rule of Do Not Drop In, but they
: have little maneuverability, speed, and skill (self derived or craft
: derived), so they are an obstacle that the surfer must avoid.

As an outsider to this stuff, it seems to me that the surfer "Dropped In" on the kayakers ride since the kayaker was riding the wave first. Shouldn't the surfer have checked that no one else was on the wave before he/she took off on it?