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Re: It's all about territory
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Dale, that is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. It is very possible for a kayak to get established on a wave prematurely so to speak far before it has peaked up. To answer your question according to accepted surf practices, NO the kayaker does not have right of way over the surfer nearest the pocket / peak of the wave when it starts to break. As I've said before most kayakers don't know this stuff, and most don't care. Solo Man has experienced truly bad behavior which I do not discount. That's "in your face" bad stuff. All I am trying to do here is remind kayakers that they can play a role in some of these conflicts due to ignorance. The Gliss is a plastic whitewater kayak that is indeed capable of tricks, but it is slow on an ocean surf wave and as such it's limitations should be factored into the total picture when sharing a peak with others. I am not trying to belittle anyone at all, and I know full well that going against the norms of thinking for our kayak culture will be threatening and misread, but surf kayaking is something I know a little about folks. I'm not talking out of my ass here--I live and breathe this stuff. Kayakers are seen as out of control freaks who haven't a clue. This is not without some reason. Maybe I'm a strange guy for trying to understand and adapt to a well entrenched surf culture that exists for a reason - it works. To conclude this theme for me: there are jerks out there on boards and in kayaks - don't kid yourself. Some are jerks deliberately, others unkowingly. Be respectful, be nice, ease your way in, and enjoy the waves. Get to know the surfers, show some interest, DON'T LET THE FEW JERKS CAUSE YOU TO TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT OF ASSUMING BOARD SURFERS AS A WHOLE ARE BAD -- most are awesome people. Enough from me on this.