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Can't we all just get along?
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:To answer your question according to accepted
: surf practices, NO the kayaker does not have right of way over the surfer
: nearest the pocket / peak of the wave when it starts to break. As I've
: said before most kayakers don't know this stuff, and most don't care.

I am truly on the outside of this fish bowl looking in and am not trying to use my kayak bias (in fact if I lived in California I'd probably be a surfer too), but you state above "according to accepted surf practices", why do kayakers have to abide by surfers rules (which seem to be bias to surfers)? Why don't kayakers and surfers get together and set up rules that are equally benificial to both parties. I bet there are a lot fewer kayakers than surfers so why don't they get every other wave, or third wave, or say every fourth wave depending on what the ratio happens to be. Maybe the kayakers should all ride in together in a group so they use up fewer waves.

It seems to me that something could be worked out, it is just going to take fair minded people to do it and they are often few and far between.