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Re: Can't we all just get along?
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Did skiers and ski areas have to adapt their rules to accomodate snowboarders? You bet. Now that the shoe is on the other foot (so to speak) I'm not seeing much reciprocation.

Personally, I try to follow the rules of surf etiquette (which are, in fact, biased toward the way surfers ride waves) when board surfers are near by, but I find the best way to avoid confrontation is simply to stay away from board surfers altogether. This isn't always easy as you can see in one of my original posts.

Murray stated that he dislikes it when large groups of kayakers "take over" an area, but the fact remains that a group of kayakers riding waves directly into shore will take up a fraction of the space needed for a similar group of board surfers. And everyone gets way more rides! Is this recreational usage of the waves wrong simply because it goes against convention? Not in my opinion. Maybe segregation isn't such a bad solution.