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We're the lucky ones!

Gosh darn it I lied when I said enough from me...sorry, just passionate about surfing. Thanks for the links! No I'm not a guru or any better than anyone else for what I do on the big mud ball. I like these discussions and do not have all the answers. But my view is that the rules do not benefit just surf boarders, but all of us. They have worked for decades.
We have craft that can access and enjoy far more surf conditions than a boarder. Perfect example is Pacific Beach Wa., where we teach clinics. Huge soup zone with safe reforming waves etc. You'll never have surf boarders there, as it's too irregular for them, but it's great for the type of surfing most kayakers enjoy. Many other such examples. Now lets look at Crescent Bay, where when working the wave is steep and fast. There are often surf boarders there lining up at two areas, and taking turns. Out come a group of kayakers who monopolize the waves with three or four on every wave spread out over 50 yrds! When not on a wave they are all paddling out through the zone in everyones way. Very embarassing and rude. Also very arrogant and clueless. For what they are doing they could go south a bit and enjoy playing in the soup, or simply take their turn in the line up. Some kayakers simply do not know what they don't know. Remember the rules of the road topic where we had folks wanting to paddle around with strobes - clearly in violation of the laws? Now talk of surf standards that have held up for years as not really applying to us? We simply need to be better citizens on the water - me included.