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Re: We're the lucky ones!
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Now lets
: look at Crescent Bay, where when working the wave is steep and fast. There
: are often surf boarders there lining up at two areas, and taking turns.
: Out come a group of kayakers who monopolize the waves with three or four
: on every wave spread out over 50 yrds! When not on a wave they are all
: paddling out through the zone in everyones way. Very embarassing and rude.
: Also very arrogant and clueless. For what they are doing they could go
: south a bit and enjoy playing in the soup, or simply take their turn in
: the line up. Some kayakers simply do not know what they don't know.
: Remember the rules of the road topic where we had folks wanting to paddle
: around with strobes - clearly in violation of the laws? Now talk of surf
: standards that have held up for years as not really applying to us? We
: simply need to be better citizens on the water - me included.

Yup! Kayakers should be courteous and stay in the lineup and surfers should let them in the lineup. If they weren't in kayaks, they'd be there in line on surfboards anyway.