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Basic Solution
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: There are two areas of basic conflict between board surfers and sea kayak
: surfers that make it very hard for the two to co-exist on the same waves.

I have absolute confidence that stand-up surfers could easily come up with more than two areas of conflict with sea kayak surfers. Instead of focusing on the possible areas of conflict, which are numerous, we should look at ways of reducing that conflict. Three easy steps to reducing, but not necessarily eliminating, conflict: 1) demonstrate control on the waves, 2) follow standard wave etiquette, and 3) share waves.

If you are unable to meet any of these three criteria, you should not be in the line-up. If a kayaker thinks of surfing waves as nothing more than taking a 17' sea kayak on a straight run toward the beach with periodic uncontrolled bongo slides like a log in the surf, then that kayaker has no business being near any other water users, because they present a clear and present danger to other wave riders and swimmers. Additionally, no one likes a wave hog. How easy it is to catch a wave does not have to determine how many you ride. Try gifting waves and see if this doesn't improve your relations with other wave riders!

Finally, if we want to understand the perspective of stand-up surfers and the potential areas of conflict, we must ask them. Although some board surfers may be present on this list, I have an idea for a more representative response. I propose that SoloMan post his original message unedited to alt.surfing, so that those who are interested can tune in and understand the conflict from another perspective, possibly participating in the dialogue to reach a better understanding, or simply lurking at a potentially massive flame war. Could be interesting, No?

Share the surf zone,