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REI Sale on Neoprene Booties *Pic*

My friend Jim showed me the new booties he picked up at REI, Warmers 5mm Neoprene Boots 44% off . They are lightweight with a good tread on the bottom. These would be nice to use in places where a certain amount of walking is involved. They would also do well on rough ground or rivers bottoms. Iím going tomorrow and see if I can fit into their largest size, which are 12.

They also have a pair of Neoprene gloves for sale, Warmers Titanium Gloves 33% off . Jim didnít like the fit at all. They bunched up in the palm of his hand when he was holding onto a paddle.

These look like the two best deals they have. There are the usual dry bags, cheap paddles, Yakima racks and dumb stuff with REIís logo plastered on them. But I think itís worth a look if youíre in need of protecting your appendages from outside world.


PS. They have a spray top and dry top for sale, but I havenít had a chance to see them in person yet.