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Thanks Everyone For A Great Dialogue!
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The purpose of my original post was to air out my anger over encountering some particularly nasty board surfers and also to generate feedback from other kayakers on the subject. This is a complex topic and it was really interesting for me to hear other points of view. The amount of information that came out over the course of the discussion was amazing! Thanks again to all who participated in this forum.

Is the conflict resolved? Of course not. But I'm sure many kayakers who were perviously unaware of the conflict now have some idea of what's going on and will be better prepared to co-exist with all the other various folks out enjoying the surf.

It would be great to get a dialogue started between board surfers and kayakers, too, but I doubt that posting my original message would be the best way to get that conversation started. If anyone gets such a dialogue going please post a message here on the board so the rest of us can tune in. SoloMan.