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New Paddles

OK... so you guys got me charged up about safety and I expounded on that... which of course makes me want to shop. So... I bought some new paddles. I ordered a 240 cm Whetstone Mako (T1) carbon paddle with an oversize blade (maybe 105 sq.in.). I liked their website and I enjoyed talking to William on the phone so I bought this paddle sight unseen. I hope one of you guys have also bought a Whetstone and can say something nice about them. I hate buying stuff that isn't really great equipment.

The other day, I communicated with Jodie-Marc Lalonde of Turtle Paddle Works in Ontario and ordered a custom made Greenland-style paddle. I ordered a 90" paddle built of big-leaf quilted maple with leather wrapping on the entire loom surface and an index knot in the center. I also ordered a hand-painted turtle at the base of each blade face for a total of 4 turtles.

I know the paddle will be heavy... but I got it for the sake of art. I want to hang it on my wall over some paintings I commissioned. Maybe I will take it out and use it to show off once in a while.

So there it is. That's what happens when I get all worked up. I spent a lot of money real fast. I'll let you know how I like the paddles when they arrive. The Mako will arrive in a week or so... the Greenland paddle in a couple of months as Jodie-Marc has to find some really hot wood as part of the commission.

I'm done now. Good night.

Safe Paddling or go shopping!