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I'm looking for (yet another) paddle for myself. Currently use a 230 cm wood, great paddle, but too long for my new boat and (believe it or not) too heavy after 7-8 miles or so..... Going with a 220 (maybe 225), and am lookin at blades now.

I've been researching paddles lately, anyone with any knowledge of ONNO paddles? This is a small shop, paddles have limited distribution, etc.... But are supposed to be the 'best bang for buck' out there..

Also would be interested in hearing about Lightning paddles, especially the offshore or the skimmer....

I'm just about finished thinking about dihedral versus flat versus spoon versus wing, etc, etc.... I'm kinda leaning toward a non-dihedral, curved sea blade. I like big bites, powerful strokes, etc.... Any opinions?

Any help would be appreciated. THANKS ALL!

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