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Roll advice?

I've got a few ideas to try, but I figured I'd ask you folk for other
suggestions as well.

Trying to bomb-proof my roll (I've got quite a ways to go!) Situation: Practicing in 15-20 knot wind, 1-2 foot shallow water chop (occasionally
breaking). Sweep roll in a big sea kayak with low back deck (easy to lay

Rolling up AGAINST the wind (presenting the bottom of my hull to the wind & waves) I could only get about halfway up. I was trying both standard and
extended grip on my paddle (inside hand at base of inside blade), but not
the full "Pawlatta" grip.

The solutions that I know of include:
1. learn to roll on the off-side (this seems to be the biggest must-do)
2. use a stronger hip snap & make sure my form is perfect (I tend to raise my head early)
3. learn a sculling brace to provide a second push if needed

Any other ideas?

In the mean time, I have more chances to practice pumping out my cockpit
after re-entry & roll! Yay! (I'll be SO glad when I get my wooden boat finished with the foot pump! Using a hand pump with spray skirt off in waves is a pain!)

Thanks in advance