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More New Equipment

I forgot to mention that I also received my new kayaking camera for my Canada trip next month. I have 2 Nikons for serious photography but I am afraid to take them on kayak trips for fear of killing them. I don't want to pay big bucks for an Ikelite housing so I have gone without.

So I did a bunch of research and decided that the best camera for me was the Pentax IQ Zoom 105WR camera. It arrived yesterday.

It is a point and shoot with a 28-105 zoom lens. I won't go into all the features and bore everyone. I will get to the key feature. It is Class 5 Water Resistant. This means you can put a low pressure stream of water on it without damaging it. You can immerse it for brief periods.

It is O-ring sealed and that should keep it safe in case of a dunk. I read several testimonials from kayakers who dunked theirs without any leakage. What you can't do is shoot underwater or use the zoom while it is immersed... that is a big no-no.

The camera is larger than some other 35mm point and shoots but not nearly as large as an SLR. It is a good compromise for getting quality photos from a kayak and keeping the camera safe. I will still store it in a Pelican box when I have no use for it. No sense tempting fate.

I chose it over other point and shoots for its better water resistance. I chose it over waterproof cameras such as the Minolta Vectris Weathermatic, Canon Sure-Shot A, Canon ELPH Sport, Yashica T4, Konica Mermaid, and several other waterproofs because of the long zoom lens. If the Minolta had a longer zoom lens, I would have bought the Minolta which has a great housing.

Safe Paddling!