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Question for ya'll???

As we've discussed safety at length on this board, and the role that shops, outfitters, instructors, and guides play in that, I've got a question that I need some help with, because I'm baffled.
Let's suppose you are a shop or outfitter in the San Juans (an area known for it's dangerous waters) and a local paddler and water taxi guy came to you with kayak specific taxi service business cards that you could give to your San Juan rental customers with 24 hr emergency pick up numbers, would you hand them out?
I thought that these folks would see this as a great resource for their customers, should they get stormed in, someone hurt etc. But one local shop manager refuses to do so, as he see's this as competition for his business????
I write this because I am finding some kayaking businesses to be very turf oriented, and frankly more concerned with what can immediately benefit the bottom line. If there isn't a direct (and very simple) link to this, they are stand-offish, if not rude. Gosh and here I thought safe customers and boats returned on time would be seen as positive. State Parks and DNR sure think it's positive. Am I missing something here? Maybe they'd be losing late charges! BTW if anyone thinks that this is a money maker for me they are way off - Also a few shops are supportive, but that's the minority.