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Still trying to skull

Torquing the boat toward right-side up and arching my back helps, but I'm not there yet. I must be holding the paddle wrong. It wants to dive deep, and as soon as it does, I have to go back down and re-position. Usually by then I'm ready to roll up. Ive gained a few seconds of breath, though.

I had a good time today, in spite of a PO'd SO. ( I went paddling on her birthday :( ) I actually screwed up and dumped over, it's the first time Ive used a roll when I wasnt upside down on purpose. And another time, I didnt quite get the breath I thought I was going to, and rolled under pressure where always before I'd have bailed. I didnt even get my feet wet today :)

And my replacement paddle passes; it cavitates a little at the tips because they are too sharp, but that's easily fixed. I like the laminated look. I lost a lenz out of my sunglasses, guess its time for plastic frames. But the Croakies worked!