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Today's swim, or 2 piece greenland paddles

Well it happened again. I swam today -- my second swim this spring.

I paddle most of the time with a wing paddle since I'm in serious training
mode for some big races this summer. My standard spare paddle is a 2 peice
greenland paddle. Its compact, easy to carry, and fun to use. Its also
a total change of pace when I want a break in the middle of a long workout.

Today, halfway through my workout, I decided to park my wing paddle and play
with my greenland paddle. As some of you may have read last week, I responded
to someone's question about 2 piece greenland paddles. I pointed out that mine
worked fine, though it made some strange cracking sounds when I used it and
that concerned me.

Well, I was working hard on some skulling strokes with a fully extended
paddle and it broke. Over I went. The break was clean and occured right
where the metal collar for the 2-peice joint met the wood.

I tried rolling up with half a greenland paddle (the other half was gone),
but couldn't quite get up. My wing was tightly parked on my back deck and
I couldn't get it off and assembled before running out of air, so I popped
my spray skirt and swam.

Once I was out of the boat, it was trivial to put my wing back together,
re-enter and roll, and paddle to shore to empty my boat.

This is the first time I've had a paddle break on me. Its also the first time
I had to assemble a paddle underwater to roll up (outside of a practice sessions
where I deliberatly tried this stunt). Note that rolling with half a wing
paddle is very hard -- hence why I didn't even try it. With a normal paddle,
I think I would have come up just fine with half the paddle.

Lessons learned?

* 2 piece greenland paddles don't evenly distibute the forces along the shaft
and hence are not strong enough.

* I need to re-think my setup for storing paddles on my back deck.

* I need to work on my half paddle roll with a wing paddle.