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Greenland stroke

In trying out my new (first) greenland paddle I was surprised to find how easily I slipped into the low-angle stroke. But I had the benefit of having read Greg Stamer's article on Maliqiag's technique, as well as Brian Day's earlier greenland stroke text, among others. So I was kind of aware of what to go for.

Two thirds of the technique, the slanted entry and the power on the exit lift came natural with the low 30 degree stroke, since I wasn't trying to do my old euro stroke but rather just feeling my way towards the description of Maliqiaq's stroke.

But the third and essential part, the "boxing motion", pushing hand punching forward and down from the shoulder. Doesn't this indicate that the blade would bury quick and deep at the catch and then work its way upward and back, in a combined power from pull and lift simultaniously kind of movement?

The description in the article left the path of the blade under water to be figured out by the reader, and knowing something about it might help in reproducing something like the original. The comparison with the recreational and then later with the other student's efforts (longer stroke, wider grip needed) were very helpful.

How new is this information ie. how long ago did for instance the slanting of the blade become known? Is this quite recent?

Knowing more about this higher angle (45?) variant of the greenland stroke would help in developing my technique and also in (simultaneously!) tweaking the paddle. Making the two suit each other.

And keeping a clear distance from my old euro techniques.