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Second variant?

: The second variant is to use a very long paddle stroke and the forward tilt
: increases abrubtly at the very end of the stroke until the blade is almost
: horizontal (this is caused by the pushing hand moving foreward and
: downward). The blade is not lifted upward to exit, but is simply sliced
: forward through the water to recover (this is shown in John's diagram).
: Both Maligiaq and Kaleraq Bech teach that this is helps in rough
: conditions, since the blade is less likely to be slapped and stopped by a
: breaking wave. When I perform speed trials using a knotmeter, this
: technique gives me the fastest results, with a slightly lower cadence.

I am interested in practicing this second variant. However, I am unclear about the technique, particularly the recovery phase. Any help in better understanding this second variant would be greatly appreciated.