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Bear Spray Deal

Hi Yakkers...

I am heading into bear country and need some bear spray to keep pesky bears away. I have been looking at different bear deterrents. I found a really good deal on one particular bear deterrent.

There are several excellent brands including Counter Assault, UDAP, and Bearier. These are all approved by the EPA and by the Canadian version of the EPA. Bearier is sold out of British Columbia and has an very attractive price (2 cans w/holsters for $99 Cdn) because of the favorable exchange rate. However, it takes at least 14 days to get the product shipped to the US.

Counter Assault and UDAP are great products but very pricey. Well... I found a super deal from a bow hunting store in Oregon on UDAP. This is for a factory packaged, fresh can of spray with a hip holster for about $33 plus $6 shipping. I bought 2-cans for a bit less than $72 US... GREAT PRICE!

The regular can (225 gm) with holster sells for $50 on the UDAP website. The big can (260 gm) sells for $55. The kicker is that the guy told me that this was the big can! Heck the $33 is a great price for the regular can. It is killer for the big can. I won't complain if I get the regular can but I will be overjoyed if the big one comes in.

If you hunt with a bow... this store has some awesome equipment and a nice website. Check it out. But if you simply plan on being in bear country, this is as good a deal as you will find.