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Greenland stroke reference material?
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: documents very few of the 30 popular rolling maneuvers. Most Western
: authors have written about Greenlandic kayaking in the past tense, as if
: it died out years ago, which fortunately is not the case at all. There is
: still much to learn.


How does someone become more familiar with the 30 popular rolling maneuvers? Is there a book or internet source that explains these? Any information on Greenland style paddling that I have has been culled from the net. I've found sites that cover the canted blade technique. Is there a book or site that anyone would recommend for Greenland style rolling and paddling technique? I practice a sweep, c-c, storm and back deck roll with my Greenland paddle. I'm interested in adding more rolls to my repertoire and refining my forward stroke, and Id like to locate a book that would cover this material in depth. The "Rolling with Maligiaq" video is on my list. Any help greatly appreciated.