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Re: Greenland stroke reference material?


I have a list of the competition rolls, and some information on Greenland technique at the URL below. To learn the rolls you will need John Heath's "Rolling with Maligiaq" or "Greenlanders at Kodiak" videos. There is still very little written, no authoritative text, but you can find instructors here and there who can tutor you in some of these skills. John Heath is hoping to release a book that documents some Greenland skills, maybe as early as next October.

I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing new books and videos devoted to Greenland skills over the next few years. Right now, very few people have traveled to work with the Greenlanders and those of us who have are still sorting out what we have learned, and still need to learn more. I find that the more that I learn, the less that I can preach any sort of rigid dogma and the concept of a singular "proper" Greenland stroke, that is so tempting to teach, is pure illusion.

Greg Stamer