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I'm new to the sport. Anybody have any suggestions as to how to keep your glasses on when the inevitable dunking happens? Yes I have one of those neoprene tube type straps that fits on each end, but I have wire rim glasses so they aren't held as securly as I would like. Went in once and just barely held on to glases as one end poped out of the holder. I don't really trust these straps. Also, because I have wire glasses, I can't really pull the straps too tight. In reality, my glssses are still loose, but they just have a strap. Must be some more secure ways to handle this. I was thinking that some type of small goggle that fits over the glasses might work. I would be able to pull the goggle tight but not the glasses. Unfortunately, I've only seen huge goggles used for safety, by motocrossers, or skiers. Any body know of anything else out there? Any other suggestions? Thanks.