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I have a problem that some of you may have encountered and solved.

I am preparing for a weeklong series of races in Norway late this July. Its
going to be awesome with races ranging from 20 to 40 miles!

My biggest worry has been that with such long distances, I'll blow-out tendons
in my shoulders and elbows. To prevent this, I am carefully picking up my distances in my workouts. This is going well. I'm up to regular 10-15 mile
workouts at a modest race pace with a few 20 and 40 miles sessions under myu
belt to make sure my conditioning base will hold for the long distances.

... but now a new problem has emerged. With all those hours of paddling with
an aggressive racing stroke, I am having problems with under-arm chaffing. The
sores generated by the chaffing are off to the side a bit just behind the
armpit. It hurts like heck and is a real distraction -- espeically with multiple
long workouts a week preventing sufficient healing between successive chaffing

Have any of you long distance cruisers/racers hit this problem before? If so,
what did you do to solve it? My wife told me that marathoners have creams they
use to prevent groin chaffing. I might give that a try. Any other suggestions?


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