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Spare Air for Rolling Practise?

Okay, here is a new one; I am tempted to try this one. There is a product
that divers use called spare air, a small 57-breath tank which fits onto the
dive suit (or in our case a PFD). Now, if I rig this little tank onto the PFD and breath through it, I could hang out underwater and carefully set up my rolls, would afford a total of about 2-5 breaths per roll set up. Now I know this idea sounds weird, but big things sometimes come in weird packages. Anyone experiment with some SCUBA adapted system for teaching the roll, to afford the learner sometime under water to play with different techniques to dial in new rolls, experiment with re-entry and roll, hand rolls or just hanging about upside down checking out the fish? Sounds ridiculous, but there are some interesting possibilities. Of course, this would assume you had some experience kayaking,I would think this would be quite dangerous for beginners. I need to get the weight for these devices, if too heavy, they would be just plain dangerous. On the other hand, I, for one, run out of air faster than I can tinker with my rolling dynamics, this would solve the problem. Okay, I said it was a weird idea, but worth considering. Anyone try this yet?