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paddle floats: need help!

Out on the 'golf umbrella' try out paddle today, good one too, saw a dugone (sea cow/mantee) which are common but not that often seen around Darwin... but this beside the point.

Point is, I tried out my current system of paddle float and it didn't work! Hopped out of the boat, got my float, which consists of a bulk milk bladder (aprox 4 liters/1 gallon) inside a sleeping bag compression sack, blew it up and tightened the straps onto my paddle then hoisted my self up into the boat... well, that was the theory! the bladder leaked and the straps loosened up in relation to my paddle and the whole thing slipped up the paddle handle;;; this was in calm water too.

what is available comercially, as at this time I think I might go for something a little more sophisticated... or, has any one got any good ideas?

Hope you all are having good weekends, off for a days sailing tomorrow (30' trimaran so no float needed... I hope)