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Scoop Rescue

Is anyone familiar with this rescue enough to describe it to me?

I *thought* it was performed with the kayak on edge, cockpit partially submerged. The victim 'floats' feet first into the cockpit and once in you essentially perform a 'Hand of God' rescue and pull them up.

But while teaching a class yesterday I had someone put thier feet in the cockpit with their chest rotated towards the rear deck. Once he was in as far as he could go I had him bear hug the rear deck while I rotated the boat upright by the cockpit. It was relativly easy and once upright it was just a matter of him twisting around just like in an assisted rescue.

It still scoops up a LOT of water, but for a victim with little or failing upper body strength, this worked really well for me. This worked so much better than the way I was taught the 'scoop' rescue, I'm wondering if I was taught wrong. Comments?



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