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combat roll???

Ok, at what point does a standard whoohaa roll graduate to a C O M B A T roll???

Does it have to be an accidental dump and recover, or is it the water/wave conditions that give it this designation?

Could an intentional lean without a brace...oops...I'm upsidedown count if it was in 2 ft breaking waves :)

I am definately a LONG ways off from bombproof but the learning is FUN!!

Had a great time yesterday evening riding the waves and dumping over whenever I felt like it at all angles and wave timing out in Puget Sound just off of the Everett marina outside Jetty Island. Fun spot for learning, especially when the tide is comming in and meeting the Snohomish river current going out.

I would enjoy having some company if anybody in the area is interested in coming along. I have been out there several evenings a week from 7 till 9 pm.

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