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Hot Sale

I like to share good deals I find. Even at the risk of having you guys tell me how much better a deal I could have gotten if I went here there or wherever. Anyway... I wanted a new knife for my Canada expedition beginning next week. I have a big Western Bowie knife which is made of cheap steel. It is a big knife that I use for camp chores.

I wanted a top quality knife for chores and security. I wanted a strong tip that wouldn't break under stress. My first choice was for a tanto-style blade. I wanted the knife to approximate the length of the bowie knife. I wanted top quality steel.

I found a really high quality knife in the Cold Steel Magnum Tanto IX. It has a 9" tanto blade, 5 5/8" Kraton handle, 3/16" width blade top, and three layer San Mai III laminated steel. It is a world-class knife.

MSRP = $344.99
I paid $166.00

I found a sale at a police supplier in LA. They have great prices and a deep sale that ends today. If you have an interest in these knives don't hesitate. Act now. I have included a link to the supplier. If you click on their image you can get a real good picture of the knives... best I've seen on the web. Ignore the statement that their distribution center is closed for inventory. They will ship right away. I spoke to the owner.

Safe Paddling!