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Keel Rocker (slightly off topic)

Can anyone quantify the amount of rocker with various behavior characteristics or words like "moderate" or "plenty"? Clearly, less rocker is faster at the expense of manuverabilty, more rocker adds to manuverability at the expense of speed. I suspect tracking is also effected by rocker as is the ability to steer by edging. But what is all this in inches of rocker over length? Is 2" of rocker on a 16' LWL design "moderate", "lots", or what.

If I wanted a 17' LOA hard chined Greenland style kayak to turn 90 degrees with one or two sweeping strokes, track perfectly without a rudder, be fast as greased lightning, you know: everything, what kind of rocker would I be looking for?

Thanks to all!


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Keel Rocker (slightly off topic)
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