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Help needed with paddle purchase

Hey there folks, including Shawn, Lee, Murray and Jed;

I demoed a carbon fibre Lightening paddle today. Sweeet. But, one thing, when I really push-pulled on it, I got a flutter from turbulence at the blade tip. It is a 245 cm, I am 5'10". Got a fibreglass paddle I will continue to use as
back-up for rock and shoal landings, and I dig the light weight and responsive feel of the Lightening. This blade is really sweet, aside from the flutter.
My concern is if I have to kick ass in big winds, this flutter will produce an unstable feel and reduced water-pulling performance.

When I did a regulation full torso rotation the paddle moved effortlessly, but when I added some push-pull and really pumped up the torso rotation, the blade flutter bothered me. Now, I can see why the flutter might happen, the blade is super thin on this paddle, so turbulence will cause some vibration, which I ain't used to on FG.

Here is my question;

a. is the turbulence technique related, or does it require an adjustment to this new feel? I am a certified CRCA kayaking instructor, but that forward stroke always needs work, and maybe the paddle is amplifying some bad habit about paddle angle in the water, etc...

b. would a longer shaft minimize this vibration? You never know.

c. is this a possible limitation or design flaw with super thin blades?

d. has this happened for any of you, and any ideas on what to look for in a good carbon fibre paddle?

Thanks folks, if possible, can you respond by Monday, I got it from the Co-Op here, and should return it/exchange it by Monday to be fair to them.