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Boat/Paddle speed day

I would like to organize an informal Boat/Paddle speed day.

Here's how it could work.

Pick a nice beach with a pleasant grassy area for families to hang out. Off
shore find or place a couple bouys about 0.5 to 1 mile apart. Measure the
distance between the bouys very accurately with a GPS.

Gather a group of paddlers with a wide range of boats and paddles. Wooden
boats, racing boats, ocean play boats, white water boats, greenland paddles,
wing paddels, euro-paddles and whatever else the assembled group can gather.

Than have people swap around different boat/paddle combinations and sprint
the measured course. Records would be collected and speeds compared. The
resulting data would:

* Help people figure out which boat/paddle combination works best for them.
* Identify consistent trends (eg. are wing paddles really faster).

I think it would be a blast. Anyone on this list interested in this project?
Any suggestions on a good beach to use? It would be nice if currents and wind
were not a factor, so a protected cove on a lake may be better than in the
sound. Anyone want to help me organize this?

If we can get the ball rolling soon, we could do this when I get back from
Europe -- perhaps on august 18 or 19?