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kayak cart experience

I am interested in your advice regarding using a kayak dolly or cart. I am looking for one that will allow me to pull my fiberglass touring kayak behind me by its bow lifting handle, wheeling it over everything from paved parking lots to gravelly beach or sand. I will want to be able to easily unassemble it and stow it in the kayak without using all my available stowage space. I want to know if gear can be carried in the boat while being wheeled on the cart without risking damage to the hull from the cart.

Has anyone had experience with a model that you consider wonderful? how about wretchedly inadequate products to avoid? Of course, I would also appreciate web site references and accurate company/product names so I can check out information myself.

In case there is already a thread on this subject in this bullletin board's archives, I must admit I haven't yet figured out how to access it. Thanks for all your contributions; I am a regular reader of all the messages, though I don't often throw in my two bits worth.