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Warping our kids (how risky is kayaking?) *Pic*

Sorry to get away from the merits of long paddles or flush hatches but I have a more philosophical issue I've been thinking about that arose out of my kayaking addiction.

I started paddling as a 'safe' alternative to some other more dangerous outdoor sports. The primary motivation was that I wanted to make sure I was around at least until my kids reached adulthood. However, the more I paddle, the deeper I get hooked - from sea kayaking to whitewater to surfing back to more serious sea kayaking and so on... Pretty soon I'm right back where I started, in the middle of another hobby with pretty serious consequences for a screw up in judgment or execution.

So I wonder if parents' gravitation towards risky recreation distorts their children's perception of risk/danger. It just seems that new generations always seek to outperform the previous generation's accomplishments.

So are we warping our kids by example or just being interesting parents? I hope the latter as I don't think I can change at this point. Thoughts?