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what a great day on the water - - -

put in at Grapevine Landing at 09:00 and crossed the Alligator River --- about 4 miles at point of crossing, into a stiff breeze and whitecaps. once on the other side, i paddled up Whipping Creek which flows into the Alligator, watching and listening to birds, checking out lots of wildflowers (marsh pinks, hibiscus and several lilly types). saw a bear, several deer, an otter, yellow bellied sliders and two water snakes. Whipping Creek leads into a large unnamed lake which is as pristine as any wilderness you'll find in Canada -- no people, no boats, nothing but the sound of silence and your thoughts for company. The lake has lots of Atlantic White Cedar .. a rarity in this part of the coastal plain. I paddled across the lake to the inflow of Whipping Creek and paddled up this to the end. Turned around and started back to the lake and saw a large alligator swimming across the lake where Whipping Creek empties into it. Slowly and quietly coasted towards the gator and actually got to within about 8 feet of it when it suddenly figured me out and headed for the bottom in a huge splash and boil of water. Exciting stuff. I was going to go swimming in the lake but --- well, maybe next time. paddled back across the lake, back out Whipping Creek and back across the Alligator River, this time with an even stronger wind behind me and waves big enough to surf occasionally. Got back to the car at 3:00 and headed home. What a terrific paddle.

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what a great day on the water - - -
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