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sea sick from rolling?

While practicing the re-enter and roll self rescue on saturday, I became ill. I felt nauseated and weak. It came on all of a sudden. I had a hard paddle back to the putin. My ears usually get plugged with water while rolling but a few raps on the noggin drains them. On saturday my ears stayed pugged.

I tried the "skin the cat" method or re-enter a couple times but was unsuccessful. I started feeling ill soon after.
I do experience motion sickness from time to time and this illness felt similar.

Has anyone else ever became ill (sea sick) while practicing rolls in otherwise calm conditions?

BTW/ I can re-enter and roll about every try now (thanks to the help given here). It seems more reliable than the paddle float self rescue and my cockpit does not scoop as much water as I had thought it would.

Larry C.