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Intro to surf

I met up with Gary from Corvallis last Sunday, and went to the mouth of the Salmon River, just N of Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. It's an interesting spot, with a sand bar protecting a small inner pool, so that you can go into the surf, get pummeled, and be blown back into calm water.

I managed a true combat roll for the first time, only to be dumped by the next breaker. Getting tangled up in the bottom confused me, and I had to bail.

I never thought the Spring Run would surf, but on a big enough wave I guess anything will. But, get sideways and it rolls like a log. Again in the shallows (after a couple of really cool rides) and again out of the boat.

I guess the only remedy is to practice in it more often, but what are things to think about when rolling in water that bumps your shoulder? With waves pounding into you? I actually tried at least twice before bailing, and got pulled out of the boat. Guess I need better knee grips.

And is there any steerage at all, when planing on a wave face? I was bracing with a rear low brace, and it seems if I could just get a little control, I could go a lot further (before getting pounded).

Overall, it was a great trip! A real eye-opener! There are several things I need to do with the boat, and gear, before going again. Better seat back attachment, knee grips, and a more secure spare paddle park. Very little gear in the compartments - I had a hatch get bumped loose from the inside, which is a pretty good way to lose a boat. Possible float bags on my xmas list...

My immersion attire passes with flying colors! Water mustve been in the high 40's or low 50's. I could have stayed in for quite awhile.