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Tide - Fishers Race

I know squat about paddeling a kayak and even less about the actual dynamics of open ocean on the kayak. Yeah, Ive done the barge experience in the local lake, but that isnt spit. Can someone help me along with a few questions regarding ocean techniques. This is assuming all protective devices and gear and S.O.S. is onboard...

1.How bad can moving tides affect a a paddler be it straight on into the rushing flow or crossing it? Id be paddeling temperate latitudes around massachusetts and Connecticut.

2.Fishers Island sound has something called "THE RACE" where the water from Long Island Sound rushes in and out between slack tides. What effect would these particularly strong channels or currents have on a Sea Kayak?

3. Can a Sea Kayaker paddle across or thru a Tide Rip?

Im basically looking to see how much control Ill have over any given "hydraulic" one might encounter seaside. Wind aside, I just dont want to have to come across a situation one day where I'm paddeling to shore and somethings taking me away from it and I have no idea whats going on.


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