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risk, related thoughts

After helping to transport nearly 45 kayaks on two trailers and a car on the interstate I've got a some thoughts on "risk". My friends light truck with light trailer was in front of me toodling along in the right lane of a three lane highway,during rush hour,, he starts to change lanes slowly, without signalling. Then he starts slowing down A LOT to a stop,,,IN THE MIDDLE LANE, DURING RUSH HOUR, I glance at him as I zoom by noticing the green billboard sized semi just missing him by inches as it glides into the fast lane, the cars in the fast lane miraculously make room for the semi, the cars packing up behind him don't crash, I pull over immediately a hundred yards ahead to see... backing up big time,,,the smell of truck brakes,,,hot cars.. and he's on the cell phone,, I'm not planning on dashing across the lane now that a stream of cars is flowing around him. It was just like watching a cat2 bicycle race where one or two guys go down and everyone morphs around the guy.

Get this, his steering wheel became totally disconnected. Some linkage between the steering wheel and the tires became disconnected. This is a late model light pickup so it's not exactly something out of Keystone Cops with steering wheels coming off in your hands. The mechanic said "where's the bolt that fell on your feet?"

Well with no accidents, a big tow bill, and ONE BOLT reinstalled we were on our way 4hrs after being taken off the highway. Sure didn't take much to make traffic back up 10miles for two hrs., and that was without any damage.

Bless that truck driver and everyone else that day that was on the ball and didn't plow into him. It could have been so much worse. That's my take on kayaking and risks.

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risk, related thoughts
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